Oh, the workload…work, work and more work.


This one isn’t just me. Generally, everyone has it. What differs is just the severity of it. No work is without stress! No work at all is equally stressful. I’ve been there, done that.

When I was still a doctor, housemen are many compared to what it was before. But as many new housemen are produced, so did patients. Work just become slightly better than before.

Last time I work, I came in at 4.30 a.m. and left late night-ish; for a whole two weeks. Left home with my wife still sleeping, back home when she’s asleep. Well, it’s the tagging week. You expect it to be that way.

Oh, how I wish it was physical…

Falling Sick

Yeah…then, I really wish it was. Even now, sometimes, I still do. A bit of sentimentality rather than an actual wish, though.

I had fallen sick. Mentally sick. Not that it’s a new thing but I was sick-free for a whole year during my final medical school days. Final year is the most stressful. So, I thought if I survived that, I had been cured!

But work (read: workload) stress is exponentially higher than final year. I sort of know it will be but, hey…how can you know exactly how deep a pool is before you plunge into it.

I had drowned in depression!

Your Main Message

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Next Steps…

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